Significant Events

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Date Item
2020.12 SinoPac Securities was granted permission to offer services to high-asset customers through the sub-brokerage method.
2020.03 Established subsidiary SinoPac Securities Venture Capital Corporation.
2019.02 Launched operation of investment consulting business for foreign securities.
2018.12 Launched securities investment consulting business as concurrent operation of securities investment consulting enterprise.
2018.09 President CHIANG Wei-Yuan assumed office.
2017.12 Chairman Stanley CHU assumed office.
2017.02 Subsidiaries Tung Shing Bullion (Brokers) Limited, Tung Shing Financial Services (Brokers) Limited, and Tung Shing Services (Brokers) Limited were respectively renamed SinoPac Bullion (Brokers) Limited, SinoPac Financial Services (Brokers) Limited, and SinoPac Services (Brokers) Limited.
Subsidiary SinoPac Securities (Asia) Limited acquired Tung Shing Securities (Brokers) Limited and Tung Shing Futures (Brokers) Limited.
2016.12 Share capital restructuring of Hong Kong subsidiaries involved SinoPac Securities (Asia) Limited acquiring all shares of SinoPac Solutions and Services Limited, Tung Shing Securities (Brokers) Limited, and Tung Shing Futures (Brokers) Limited.
Made a capital contribution of US$50 million to subsidiary SinoPac Securities (Cayman) Holdings Limited. It also subsequently made capital contributions of HK$387.5 million to SinoPac Securities (Asia) Limited and HK$38.75 million to SinoPac Asset Management (Asia) Limited.
2016.09 Accepted transfer of brokerage business and equipment from IBT Securities Co., Ltd. and opened 5 Company branches in the office space previously occupied by the transferred businesses, including Chengzhong (merged into the Brokerage Department in January 2017), Yanji, Chengkung (merged into the Taoyuan Branch in March 2017), Zhongqing (merged into the Taichung Branch in March 2017), and Puli.
2016.08 Began granting business loans with unspecified purpose.
2016.04 Subsidiary SinoPac Securities (Cayman) Holdings Limited acquired 100% of the shares of Tung Shing Holdings Company Limited (renamed SinoPac International Holdings Limited) of Hong Kong.
2016.03 Acquired BEA Wealth Management Services (Taiwan) Ltd. and additionally opened Dunbei Branch and Xitun Branch for providing securities and wealth management services. (Xitun Branch was closed after operations were relocated to Shizheng Branch in May 2016.)
2016.01 Started providing cross currency swap services.