Fixed Income

Fixed Income Business
  • Fixed Income Business

Bond Proprietary Trading

  • Besides order placement service, SinoPac Securities also provides interest rate related products (bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds) as well as information about interest rate and bond derivatives products and markets in accordance with clients' needs.
  • Being one of the government bonds dealers, SinoPac Securities participates in bond bidding either on its own or for clients. The company was rated by the Central Bank of the Republic of China as the best government bonds dealer and was the first securities firm to sign a contract for stock borrowing and lending (SBL) transactions in 2014 with the GreTai Securities Market (name switched to TPEx in 2015).

Repurchase Agreement of Bonds

  • Repurchase Agreement of Bonds refers to commitment between investors and dealers for a set time, after which the seller can repurchase the securities at the same rate and pay a specified interest rate.
  • Repurchase Agreement of Bonds allows buyers to manage risk (products are collateralized) and earn a fixed rate of return (repo rate).

Corporate Bond Primary Market Consulting & Underwriting Business

  • SinoPac Securities provides comprehensive corporate financial advisory and deal origination services, including issuance structuring and financial planning services, access to wide debt placement channels, and supervision during the listing application process for TPEx, etc. Our expertise helps each client to improve their financial structure, operating qualities, and performance. SinoPac’s Debt Capital Market team leverages its vast experience in underwriting business to provide issuers and investors with the most comprehensive range of related services.
  • SinoPac Securities DCM team's performance and trade record of its corporate bond primary market underwriting business is remarkable. Our DCM team has been a leader in the number of deals as well as the underwriting amount of lead-managed and co-managed cases over the past years. To extend its service scope, SinoPac Securities obtained the qualification certificate of primary market underwriting of international bond business in October 2006, becoming an underwriter of international bonds in the primary market.

Convertible Bond Asset SWAP (CBAS)

  • With convertible bonds as the underlying asset, CBAS splits the convertible bond into the fixed income component (the callable asset swap, CAS) and the option component (convertible bond, CBO), enabling financial institutional investors to enjoy higher return through CAS, and giving option investors the opportunities to participate in the upward momentum of the underlaying equity and corporate bonds through effective leverage.


  • To fit with the trend of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in the capital markets, SinoPac Securities actively promotes or participates in the underwriting and issuance of Green bonds or Sustainability bonds.