Financial Derivatives

Equity Derivatives Business
  • Equity Derivatives Business


Issue warrants to trade on TWSE/TPEx and provide market liquidity, making derivative products trading more extensive.

Structured Products

Provide customized structured products and issue structured products such as PGN and ELN, thereby giving clients’ more investment choices.

Stock Options & Contract-based Warrants

Provide customized stock options & contract-based warrant products, satisfying individual as well as institutional investors’ needs for hedging and special financial product design.


Convertible Bond Asset Swap: Provide investors of CBAS to purchase a convertible bond, which usually bears a fixed coupon rate and an option for the holder to convert the bond into equity, and to help investors to enter into an interest rate swap with the seller of the convertible bond to swap all the fixed coupons into floating rate cash flows. This product provides a more flexible financial service, satisfying various types of investors’ unique financial investment needs.

Equity swaps

To satisfy the diverse hedging and investment needs of individual customers, equity swaps are offered primarily for institutional investors to diversify their portfolios and facilitate asset and liability management.