Register & Transfer Agency

Register & Transfer Agency
  • Register & Transfer Agency

Stock Transfer Agent Services

SinoPac’s Register & Transfer Agency Department, when so commissioned, provides various kinds of stock affairs services for corporations through its high-caliber staff, backed by SinoPac FHC’s full repertoire of resources. Dedicated webpage for stock transfer services on the SinoTrade website:

Key functions of our stock transfer agent business:

  • Shareholder roster management: basic shareholder information management and registration for TDCC book entry share transfer.
  • Fundraising services: cash capital increase, capital increase through capitalization of retained earnings, issuance of special shares and convertible bonds, etc.
  • Shareholder meeting administration: agenda planning, document preparation, notification, proxy tallying and verification, e-voting handling, on-site attendance registration, etc.
  • Dividend distribution: paying agent for dividends of stocks and convertible bonds
  • Insider services: assistance with instant data filings of insider ownership activities, including both ex-ante and ex-post filing of share transferring; education training services for insiders on points for attention.

Proxy Business

SinoPac’s Register & Transfer Agency Department offers secure, professional proxy solicitation and mandate services. Key functions of our proxy business:

  • Solicitor for shareholders
  • Proxy agent for companies
  • Agent to handle solicitation matters for solicitors

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Customer service number:886-2-2381-6288 (8:30 AM-4:30 PM on Taiwan market trading days)