SinoPac Futures


SinoPac Futures Corporation, hereinafter referred to as “SPF,” was founded in 1994 as “National Futures,” a pioneering FCM in Taiwan. National Futures set up the Taichung Branch in 2002 and changed the company’s name to SPF in 2006. SPF provides a wide range of services, including futures brokerage businesses on both domestic and overseas markets, proprietary futures trading, managed futures services, and securities and futures trading advisory services. As of December 31, 2020, SPF had a paid-in capital of NT$1.18 billion.

SPF has devoted itself to Taiwan’s futures market for over 20 years. Among other things, SPF’s success goes hand in hand with the following:

  • SPF recruits and trains talented individuals with broad-based financial expertise.
  • SPF cooperates with educational institutions to cultivate talent and reach potential employees.
  • SPF is devoted to quantified logic and artificial intelligence trading system development and evolution of algorithmic transaction business as well as finding ways to optimize SPF’s risk management protective mechanism.
  • SPF adheres to its core values and competences and maintains stringent internal control mechanisms as it forges ahead in a highly competitive industry.

SPF’s core business values:

  1. SPF provides a variety of swift and easy-to-use front-end trading platforms designed with cutting-edge technology, such as GLeader, eLeader, iLeader, SFT, etc. Furthermore, “SPF-Global,” a customized hand-held device for transacting overseas futures and options products, named “SPF-Global”, splendidly made its debut in early 2020.
  2. SPF enhances its advisory services continuously to help clients boost their investment returns. In addition to the on-line advisory service agreement that enables the opening of an online advisory service account, online credit card payment service, and third-party guarantee of payment service, SPF provides an all-aspect investment consultative service and diverse algorithmic trading strategies to lay the foundations for the future rollout of robotic trading advisory services, and makes commodity trend and strategic analyses accessible to members who have subscribed to our advisory service via instant messaging tools such as LINE, Facebook, etc.
  3. SPF utilizes AI resources to devise managed futures trading strategies that help fund managers control risk while maneuvering clients’ funds. SPF’s managed futures essentially manage our clients’ assets using our well-designed proprietary trading systems and careful discretionary methods that involve going long or short in futures and options contracts listed in both domestic and overseas markets. In recognition of our efforts, the Taiwan Futures Exchange awarded our team the “No 1 in Managed Futures Enterprises Trading Volume Diamond Award” for many years.
  4. To maintain an edge over other FCMs operating in the same geographic area, SPF has acquired direct trading permits from major exchanges around the world, such as CME Group, SGX, ICE Futures US, ICE Futures SG, Euronext, and CFE.

SinoPac Futures Corporation is fully committed to providing clients with a stable, reliable, and secure all-day trading environment. We leverage SinoPac Group’s gamut of resources as we strive to be among the most innovative and comprehensive FCMs in the region. This is our solemn promise to our clients.