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Digital Finance

Clients have uninterrupted access to digital financial services for account opening; securities and futures trading; reconsignment securities trading for securities listed in Hong Kong, the U.S., and Japan; wealth management; securities borrowing and lending; and the borrowing of funds for unrestricted purposes. Moreover, SinoPac launched its “SinoPac Stocks Saving Plans” so that clients can use dollar cost averaging to invest in the securities of Taiwan, or to purchase fixed number of shares regularly in the U.S markets. It’s never been easier for our clients to acquire ownership positions in leading overseas companies by investing in the common shares of those companies or in ETF funds via a minimum monthly amount of NTD 100 for securities listed in Taiwan or a minimum 1 share for securities listed in the U.S. By using this disciplined, incremental approach to long-term investment, our clients can lower their risk by keeping emotion out of the decision making as they gradually construct a diversified portfolio.

Digital Financial Services

SinoPac Securities has created a complete digital environment for financial services. In addition to real-time stock market information, our digital financial service environment includes secure platforms for account opening and securities trading through a variety of form factors, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, and voice to provide timely service for each clients’ asset allocation.

Online Service 

Rich Club is a virtual financial knowledge base and learning center that combines online account opening, trading services, and SinoPac’s online financial education center to help clients expand their knowledge about capital markets and investment strategies. Multimedia tutorials are available to guide clients through the entire ecosystem. There is also a link to SinoPac Securities Facebook Page to enhance customer engagement.

Online Account Opening

SinoPac Securities DAWHO TOU is the first online securities settlement account opening service to incorporate a QR Code Authenticator for convenience. Document signings can be verified instantly. By following a few simple steps, investors can open an account anywhere through the SinoTrade website. New clients can use the function of “Online Account Opening” to open a securities account and reconsignment account simultaneously. Existing SinoPac Securities clients may use “Opening Additional Account” to open new accounts for futures, wealth management, margin trading, securities-borrowing-and-lending, and borrowing of funds for unrestricted purposes.

■ Online Trading 

SinoTrade website offers financial information updated daily, great deals/offers, insightful investment courses/seminars.

  • Fixed trade buttons designed into the website so clients can place orders directly from the Stock inquiry, Watchlist, and Positions sections.
  • Deep integration — In cooperation with Refinitiv, SinoPac is a unique pioneer in the industry to provide information, Refinitiv rating, brokage rating for Taiwan and overseas equities on one platform.
  • Responsive, user-friendly online/mobile designs- The mobile interface contains much of the information and features that are available on the website, including trading functions.
  • Improved digital certificate downloading that allows for direct installation by clicking on the webpage instead of downloading a program as before.

The SinoPac Securities Line@ community incorporates A.I. intelligent algorithms and cloud computing capabilities to screen stocks, utilizing ideas and strategies of the world’s top investment gurus or based on defined financial and performance criteria. From stock quotation, stock trading, to trade confirmation and application of the AI BUNNY GOOD screening results, the official account is a one-stop service platform. Moreover, users can use the SinoPac LINE chatbot to get real-timer market information, discuss investment topics, and trade stocks.

SinoPac Python API is a simple yet powerful interface through which SinoPac Securities clients can automate their trading strategies, request market data, and monitor their account balance and portfolio in real time. FinTech companies can leverage the open API to connect and cooperate with SinoPac to explore business opportunities and create additional application modules for trading strategies applied in algorithmic trading. SinoPac’s aim is to create a financial API ecosphere alliance and share SinoPac Securities open FinTech ecosphere. 

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Investors may contact one of our staff at any of the Company’s business locations across Taiwan, or call one of the following Customer Service Hotlines: 886-2-0800-038-123 / 886-2-6630-8899 (8:00~21:00 on business days of the TWSE)