Inclusive Financial Products and Services

Inclusive Financial Products and Services
  • Inclusive Financial Products and Services

SinoPac Stock Savings Plan

SinoPac Stock Savings Plan provide small investors with diversified buying points and long-term deposits to deploy ETFs or stock markets, provide investors with low-threshold and convenient long-term investment services, and effectively reduce risks. Investors use a disciplined way of depositing shares to flexibly experience depository financial management, easily face market fluctuations, and provide convenient inclusive financial products and services for small investors and long-term investors. 

SinoPac Stock Savings Plan, a digital platform that combines account opening, AI-based smart services, stock trading, and performance management, in order to provide Taiwan and U.S. stock market services based on the service concept of a one-stop shopping platform. The platform possesses three major features that enable it to stay ahead of the industry: 1) The platform adopts responsive web design (RWD), which allows investors to use it on different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers, without having to download the app; 2) The platform is equipped with a friendly and efficient interface and process design, which enables investors to execute stock saving; 3) The platform is the first-of-its-kind that offers independent stock saving account management involving U.S. stocks, including 21 individual stocks of the world's top companies and 32 ETFs covering global stocks and bonds. It enables investors to trade stocks, obtain clear details of their investments and dividend records, and track their stock saving performance in their U.S. stock saving accounts.

Rich Club

Rich Club on the SinoTrade website is a financially inclusive online platform that offers all classes of investors convenient services for account opening, quick and easy order placement, and financial education. Using Rich Club, investors can easily apply to open an account, leverage SinoPac Securities’s full suite of educational materials and insights to learn smartly and invest wisely in the spirit of knowledge sharing, and utilize sophisticated technical analysis tools to improve their strategizing and trade execution.

Key distinguishing features:

【Digital financial services on the go】

The customer-centric platform gives clients access to various digital financial services ranging from account opening to trading. The one-stop services are practical and easy to access, delivering a seamless customer journey from financial information searching to click-and-go order ticket placement. Rich Club is a complete financial ecosystem that fulfills investors’ needs across a range of financial products.

【Comprehensive products for a broad range of customers】

  • Account Opening: The integration platform enables new clients to open a securities account and a sub-brokerage account simultaneously in just three steps.
  • Trading: The integration platform enables clients to use only one widget to place orders for multiple products, including overseas/domestic securities, futures, and options.
  • Education: The integration platform enables clients to enter our virtual leaning center and access our library of educational materials regarding overseas/domestic securities, bonds, ETFs, commodities, futures, and options.