Smart Financial Innovation Services

Smart Financial Innovation Services
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Digital Financial and Investment Service - DAWHOTOU

DAWHO to launch the "DAWHOTOU" digital securities account, leading the securities industry to develop an online settlement account. Account opening can be completed within 24 hours and order placement can be processed within 1 hour. DAWHOTOU also introduces two major innovative services, "AI Advisor" and " Thomson Reuters Intelligent Analysis", to tailor an investment information collection platform for customers and provide convenient financial services for investors. In 2020, it won " Most Popular Brand" with its " DAWHOTOU-Digital Financial Investment Account" at the 17th National Brand Yushan Awards, and was honored with the "Top 10 Outstanding Commodities-DAWHOTOU" at the 20th Golden Peak Awards.

SinoPac Stock Savings Plan

SinoPac Stock Savings Plan, a digital platform that combines account opening, AI-based smart services, stock trading, and performance management, in order to provide Taiwan and U.S. stock market services based on the service concept of a one-stop shopping platform. In 2020, it won "Best Product" with its "SinoPac Stock Savings Plan" at the 17th National Brand Yushan Awards.

Rich Club

SinoPac Securities launched its wealth management website to nurture investment and wealth management expertise by sharing knowledge of quantitative trading for beginners to professionals through audio-visual and interactive methods. The website features an all-round digital wealth management knowledge base comprising 12 wealth management columns, trend forecasts, macroeconomic analysis, industry reports, technical analysis, and expert opinions, thereby spreading knowledge through digital services.

AI Bunny Good

SinoPac Securities "AI Bunny Good," an AI-based service, to offer all-round investment trading services and upgraded relevant contents for LINE 2.0. SinoPac Securities not only launched "Attractive Industries" and "Hot Topics in Stock Selection," which are cross-platform integrated services that combine stock selection, wealth management articles, and live streaming via LINE, but also initiated its own platform via LINE by adding "Risk Control Robot," "Smart News Report," "Stock Selection Clinic," and "AI Academy," to advance the application of AI in member services.